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Internet Traffic Aggregation

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February 20, 2019
#isp #channels #traffic

Nowadays, Internet provider business includes numerous services. This article will consider the core business that has been the launching point of everything, i.e. data communication business.

Now this is an absolutely classic model bought in bulk cheaper - sold at retail more expensive.

Russia is trying to block Telegram

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/ regulations /

June 10, 2018
#telegram #goverment #regulations #blocking

Russia is trying to block Telegram. Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, refused to hand over the encryption keys for user-defined chats to the federal services. The police cannot get prompt access to the correspondence of users, so the application is bound to be blocked in Russia. How is the situation developing and is it possible to block Telegram after all?

Some words about our site.

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/ lookinglass /

May 3, 2018
#bgp #lookingglass #about

BGP looking glass service is a well-known standard service for a global network diagnostic. Basically, its related to BGP protocol, the main protocol of Internet Providers interconnection. It provides information about a certain route: how it is received by ISP, what is the length of this route, how many ISPs it goes through, what additional attributes it has and so on. In this article you can find the basics of global ISP interconnection and most important features of BGP Looking Glass service as well.

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